Supporting Sales & Call Handling

Reservations Support

Central Reservations & Call Handling:

Call handling and accommodation sales is a vital part of revenue and profit generation for small hotels, Inns and Self Catering businesses, it is also one of the tricky areas of the sector in how best to apply staff resource to effectively, as its reactive at all times of the day, 7 days a week, all year around and requires in most cases 2-4 staff members to cover reasonable opening hours that suit customers.

  • General monitoring of daily reservations - taking calls/bookings/enquiries/special requests
  • Call handling as virtual switchboard
  • Open 7 days - opening hours - 0900am – 8pm Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm Sunday 10am - 4pm & closed 4 days a year – message centre outwith.
  • Administration of deposits & payments.
  • Management of rates & offers via Channel Manager, OTA’s and PMS systems
  • Daily arrivals reporting with special requests identified
  • Dealing with e-mails/bookings/enquiries/special requests
  • Validation of CC details to reduce risk of no shows and management of cancellations and charges
  • Yield management support & periodic revenue meetings.
  • Weekly revenue reporting – volume, pick up, pace & market comparisons.

Our Pricing outline

Pricing is hugely dependent on detail and specifics relating to individual properties and property owners, terms of engagement and support durations, so we quote all works and services on a case by case basis to ensure best value and service expectations can be achieved all round. 

Costs are classed as credit card charges, ota commissions & system licence fee (all applied cost price)

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