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Here at Accommodation Services we’re always looking for ways to help owners and investors develop hotels, inn’s, self-catering, student accommodation and serviced apartments into successful revenue streams, this is where we have a real passion and some would say specialism.

Over the last 10 years we have been happy to work with investors, property, asset and estate owners who believed in our vision for their accommodation.  By investing in outsourcing, promotion, restructuring and refurbishments, we have been able to repay stakeholders with very positive returns on their investment.

We now operate, manage and have support services for over 1050 rooms and units across Scotland and have in the pipeline a further 360 rooms before the summer of 2022. 


Our expertise covers all key commercial leisure property and business sectors as follows:

> Hotels & Inn's.

> Bed and Breakfasts & Guest Houses.

> Self catering & Serviced Apartments.

> Student Accommodation.

> Corporate Restructuring Support.

> Business Centres.

> Retail & Licenced trade units.